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MOT Testing at Thames Valley MOT's

Every car over three years old requires an annual MOT test. Some customers dread this event, a few even suggest it is worse than going to the dentist. It needn't be that bad. If your car is properly maintained the test should not present any great problem. At Thames Valley MOT's we'll be pleased to carry out the MOT test and, if necessary, we can arrange for any repairs your car may need.

The Test Station

Book Early

Our MOT bay is always very busy, especially at the end of each month as road tax may become due. It takes around 45 minutes to do each test so we operate an appointment system to avoid excessive waiting. As the MOT test can be done any time in the month before it expires without loosing any time on the new certificate we suggest you book up early to avoid last minute panics.

Hints for a hassle free MOT

Book up early within the month before your MOT expires.

Avoid waiting until the last few days of any calendar month.

Preferably have your car regularly serviced.

Check the simple things - lights - wipers - washers - horn - tyre condition.

There is no need to bring your old MOT as the system is completely computerised.

If your car is a Diesel?

The diesel emissions check involves accelerating the engine 3 - 6 times from idle speed until the governor cuts in. This test has been developed so that it will not damage your engine provided it is in good condition. Before we carry out the test we will make several preparatory checks and also ask some questions.

We'll ask if the vehicle has been serviced, and whether the camshaft drive belt has been changed, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

We'll also ask if there is any reason to think there could be a problem doing the emissions check.

The diesel smoke test must be carried out with the engine at its proper working temperature. Help us by arriving with a fully warmed up engine - it will produce less smoke and is safer to test.

If your car does fail . .

. . we'll be pleased to quote for any necessary repairs or you can make your own arrangements. Whatever your choice we'll carry out a free re-test up to two weeks from the original test.

The workshop

Major items tested

View of road
Seats & Belts
Fuel system